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I've been so disillusioned


Posted on 2030.12.30 at 17:50
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I've been so disillusioned
Posted on 2025.10.08 at 17:18
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I've been so disillusioned

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Posted on 2022.05.13 at 03:00
The world...it really is beautiful.Collapse )

And everyone becomes my enemy

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Posted on 2022.05.13 at 02:33
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July '11
This isn't her daughter...but she's adorable.
Nadeko is nice ;_;, B
BLU Pyro swears too much
Yay for someone who understands her language
He's more adorable than she thought Gilgamesh would be
"There seem to be a lot of us here." 
Yamame-chan is more like the mother than her. ;_;
Nadeko is nice: ACT II (her cookies are delicious to boot)
Nanoha, don't  try to make her feel better.
Romantic woes galore.
Lolis and communism

August '11
Dying under a pile of your own money is the most ironic death ever.
As in THE Bugs Bunny?
She's a little young to be a teacher. Frankly.
Mio, don't be fooled. She cannot play the violin for shit.
Dear Mr. Mayor, I am writing this on behalf of Jade Harley....

[x] Violin
[ ] School uniforms (summer & winter)
[ ] Normal clothes
[x] Hair bobbles
[ ] Teddy bear + suitcase + note

I - [phone - morning]

Hello, everyone! [She gulps a little bit.]

Um, I was wondering--do any of you have any books, of, ah, any subject? Books you'd reccommend or are willing to loan? The...the library only has books about cooking, and, um...childcare...

Thank you...

II - [action - afternoon]

[If you're at the highschool at all, so is Kotomi. Guess who teaches chemistry? The drones make her nervous, though. And being in a class that's 3/4s of them? Terrifying.

So Kotomi is at her desk, trying to grade papers. Or something. She also seems to be mumbling under her breath.

"The day before yesterday, I saw a rabbit..."


Everyone. I have something to tell you all.

[There's a clinking of pots and pans in the background as she pauses for a moment.]

When I was a little girl, I almost burned my house down. On purpose. My parents were going overseas to present a thesis, and died when their plane crashed into the ocean. I took it upon myself to get rid of the thing that took them from me, and set ablaze what I thought was more of my father's research papers.

In addition, my room at home is decorated with papers pertaining to them. Whenever I see something about them in a book, I cut it out and paste it on my wall.

[Realizing what she's just admitted, Kotomi clamps a hand over her mouth and drops the phone.]


Is this real?

[Kotomi hesitates for a moment before continuing.]

I acknowledge the existence of parallel worlds, but...I didn't think it was...theoretically possible to get transported to one. Then again, there is much we as humans do not understand about the ways of our big, big universe...I suppose that is why we ache to learn.

[She's mumbling to herself now.]

[action ~ 728 Anderson Lane]

[Well. This little lady's barely out of highschool and she already has a not!husband and a not!daughter. Golly. Well, if you're inside the house, they will see Kotomi wandering around and looking at every piece of the place her eyes can reach. Yes, that includes the door cracks and behind the toilet. The NPC drone son has thoroughly creeped her out, and she is trying to keep her mind occupied.]